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The increasing popularity of the QR Code, now everyone wants to make their QR code. Marketing with QR code and generating leads are way easier than the traditional marketing process. By a single scan, your targeted audience can have all the details of your business on their smartphone. Your website address to your local shop address all can be stored on a 3cm x 3cm QR Code image.

Now the question is if a normal person wants to make a QR Code for his/her reason or business purpose where did they go and how much money it needed?

The simple answer is, you don’t need to go anywhere and you don’t need any amount to generate your QR Code. In “QR Code Generator India” website anyone can use the QR Code Generator tool to make their own customize QR Code for unlimited time without spending any amount.

QR-Code-Generator-Free.com is a free website for all. We provide a free tool to convert normal text to QR Code, URL to QR Code, vCard to QR Code, Email to QR Code and Phone to QR Code options.

This website is made by a tech-lover from India and this website was published in 2019 in September.


QR Code Generator India
QR Code Generator India